Here at Patient Bliss, we understand that caring for seniors requires planning, resources and at time professional assistance. Sometime circumstance arrives prior to the planning stage and this can cause stress on family members. It may be due having a loved one fall or a newly diagnosed illness. Soon after, many family caregivers realize they need help and begin searching for other solutions for senior care. Patient Bliss is here for planning and immediate assistance. Just let us know how we can help.

Home care is one of the best options for seniors, as it allows your loved one to remain in a familiar environment. This reduces anxiety and keeps things as normal as possible. Senior care options such as adult day care, retirement homes, and nursing facilities may be a solution at some point. They can be expensive and bring the loved one away from a familiar environment, which may cause anxiety.

In-home care provides both non-medical and in-home nursing care services that enable seniors and others to live independently in their homes. Patient Bliss provides ongoing home care support to many seniors in the region. 


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Encouraging Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is one of the most important areas that seniors must maintain. This can become a struggle as poor eating habits were developed over decade and medication conflicts may cause an individuals to lose interest in eating. Therefore, our caregiver’s are trained to encourage healthy meals and snacks based on the overall care plan and physician instructions.


Benefits of Home Care

Most individuals associated their home with comfort, memories and the feeling of security. We just feel good at home. Seniors are no exception, when they are not feeling their best, they want to be at home. This helps them feel secure, content and in charge.

  • Comfort, Memories
  • Security

Home care services makes it possible for loved ones to remain at home. This is accomplished through well-trained caregivers that provide exceptional support. Home care is often customized (personalized) to suit both the needs of the senior and family.

Home care offers much flexibility and provides seniors with deserving dignity and independence. Seniors can continue to function independently with some assistance. In addition, home care may be cost efficient compared to other forms of senior health care.

Reasons to Consider Home Care

If a loved one should fall or experience another health-related emergency, a caregiver can contact emergency services, provide lifesaving service before help arrives and comfort your loved one.

In-home caregivers can assist with bathing, dressing, and toileting. In addition, in-home nursing can accommodate many requirements of care. Trained can provide professional service for demands ranging from simple to delicate tasks.

Medication Management is an important area that our Registered Nurses can assist with. They ensure your loved one is taking their medications on schedule, and can ensure they are refilled, stored properly, and can monitor for adverse effects.

An in-home caregiver can ensure your loved one receives balanced, nutritious meals every day. Plus, they can keep your loved one company while they eat. They are also prepared to meet any dietary restrictions.

Patient Bliss is ready to help.

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